All You Need To Know About Africa
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All You Need To Know About Africa

Africa is an extremely fascinating and characteristic continent.

It is the world’s second-largest continent with 54 countries and a huge population with an innumerable multitude of tribes.

All different from each other, all with their own characteristics and customs, people who bring us back to the birth of civilization, cultures that are very different from each other yet not far from each other, all of which bring back a little to our origins, and all a living proof of our history.

From the Saints of Southern Africa to the Berbers in Morocco, Africa is the home of a myriad of tribes, an estimated 3,000. With such a variety of ethnic groups, it is normal for varied and decidedly fascinating tribal traditions to exist.

Today, some tribes like the “Wodaabe” practice the life of love taking inspiration from nature? Their motto is: “Birds do it. Bees do it”. Clearly, there is talk of courtship dances. For the Wodaabe in Niger, the mating ritual between men and women is inspired by Mother Nature.

Once a year, the Guéremol ritual competes with young men who dance showing off elaborate ornaments and lively facial paintings.

Purpose? To attract the attention of the jury, made up of young women looking for a husband.

In this African tribe, the ideal male has very white eyes and teeth: during Guéremol men show off their sex appeal by rolling their eyes and exhibiting their teeth.

Ever heard of the “hamer“? Like other African tribes, the “Hamer” people, composed mainly of shepherds, have a rather athletic rite of passage to adulthood. The bull-jumping ceremony is a key moment for the community in which all “Hamer” males must take part.

The initiate must walk repeatedly over the back of bulls arranged in a row, all without clothes, without falling and without helping themselves with their hands. If he fails, he will be humiliated and will have to wait a whole year to try to become an adult again.

Once the rite of passage is completed, the young man will finally be able to marry a woman and have his own herd.

Many traditions such as those of “Ndebele“. Marriage in a “Ndebele” tribe is essentially a great celebration of the bride, who wears a dress to make Western fashion houses blush.

The merits are mainly attributed to the bride’s mother-in-law and colorful tribal traditions. For the occasion, the mother-in-law gives the bride a “Jocolo” of her creation, which is a goat leather apron decorated with beads, which will be worn by all married women during the ceremony.

Of all the customs of the African tribes, this is probably among the most magical. For the “San” people, dance is the favorite way to get in touch with the divine world.

The most important “San” dance is that of healing, also known as “trance dance”. Led by healers and tribe elders, the entire community gathers around the fire and dances for hours at a dizzying pace. Healers dance, sing and induce hyperventilation until a powerful trance is reached: in this way, they have access to the spirit world and can fight the pains and diseases that afflict the tribe.

Today, African nations are experiencing ever-increasing growth. Their economy is in constant growth with a tendency to improve more and more.

Countries like Nigeria and South Africa have more moderate growth, making up almost half of Africa’s GDP, while the rest of the continent is advancing rapidly.

East Africa is the continent’s fastest-growing region. Some countries like Ethiopia and Zambia have 7% growth, among the highest in the world.

From an ever-growing economy to a variety of tribes that intrigue more and more, we must also add all the wonders of the continent and everything worth visiting.

Africa is a very beautiful continent that contains many diversities united by a single beauty.

All those who have been there at least once have fallen in love with the continent – the land, its people, and the natural colors.

It is not easy to forget the experience, many even call it “the most beautiful syndrome”. That’s because it only takes a moment for it to get into your heart.

Africa – the land of contradictions, seduces you with the smile of the children on the street and humbles you definitively with its extraordinary landscapes, islands, unexplored forests, and wild animals.

The pyramids of Giza in Egypt: represent one of the greatest architectural, historical, and cultural heritages in the world, as well as of course one of the most popular tourist attractions.

About twenty km from Cairo, in the Egyptian desert of the country’s third-largest city, there is the last of the 7 wonders of the world that we can still admire; built more than 5 thousand years ago.

Each of the three pyramids is the tomb of a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Full of mysterious spirituality that we cannot miss on a trip to northern Africa.

Marrakech in Morocco: at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, the imperial city of Marrakech is a representative image of Morocco. Marrakech pulsates with the frenetic rhythm of a large city, fast and very populous, suitable for shopping, for night entertainment, and lovers of Maghreb gastronomy.

The two things that you cannot avoid doing on a trip to Marrakech are a tour of markets and craft shops, and tasting the exquisite Moroccan cuisine in some restaurants.

Masai Mara in Kenya: the perfect place for those who love wildlife and want to experience the spectacle of wild nature firsthand.

All You Need To Know About Africa

Masai Mara in Kenya is ideal for all activities that have to do with safari, the sighting of lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, etc., as well as the annual migration of wild animals that can be observed with a hot air balloon excursion.

In particular, from July to October the Masai Mara reserve is populated by a great variety of fascinating creatures that can only be seen here or in a documentary on TV.

Victoria Falls between Zimbabwe and Zambia: one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, with a height of 108 m and an extension greater than a kilometer and a half is in the territory between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

These waterfalls have a flow rate that exceeds 9 thousand cubic meters per second, with millions of liters of water pouring into the Zambezi River, while many exotic creatures drink and rest in the vegetation of the splendid natural oasis formed by two small national parks – Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe and Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia.

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania: Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak on the African continent with its 5895 m high, but it is also one of the highest volcanoes in the world.

Those who want something even more demanding than an adventure trip can go climbing, which takes about 6 days on average; it is not something suitable for beginners, but an experience that will surely remain indelible in memories.

Cape Town in South Africa: modern and cosmopolitan city, the most important tourist destination in South Africa.

It is not only one of the largest cities on the African continent, but also one of the most beautiful in the world, with its splendid beaches where you can practice all kinds of water sports and the imposing Table Mountain in the city center, as well as having a great reputation for its excellent gastronomy.

Lagos in Nigeria: bursting with opportunities that have made Nigeria’s economy the continent’s largest.

It’s fully of surprises. From the wedding parties to the street carnivals to the fashion shows to the street food to the snack stands. And not to forget, visual and performing arts centers.

Zanzibar in Tanzania: again in Tanzania, to conclude this small selection of magnificent African destinations with a loved place for holidays of relaxation and pleasure, the spectacular beaches of Zanzibar.

Its beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean are one of the most popular destinations on the continent.

The Old Stone Town of Zanzibar was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its natural landscapes and its historical charm, due to its splendid ancient palaces.

This a very small percentage of the wonders that await us in Africa.

Do you know that many models of our fashion are taken from African culture?

For example, the braids in hairs …. ways to embellish vases with designs … and many other inventions, have been taken up in the western culture.

The African people have something to offer in all the nations that make up the continent, and all very sociable in welcoming a tourist who visits them.

Africa is tremendously fascinating and varied, just waiting to be appreciated on an unforgettable journey.

The amazing continent has always been at the center of history, and in all likelihood it will be at the center of a very long time.

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All You Need To Know About Africa


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