6 Painless Ideas To Entertain The Family During Lockdown
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6 Painless Ideas To Entertain The Family During Lockdown

2020 was one of the most tumultuous and mad years of the 21st century. Our eyes have seen many different things happening at the same time. The third world war was about to start, the death of Kobe Bryant, and many others.

However, one of the unique events of the year was the lockdown by COVID-19. Being forced to stop working entirely or working remotely and staying at home for months had significantly impacted humanity.

Boredom was to another level.

Avoiding boringness was a challenging task. Many times, we say there is not much to do at home. We are just there, watching how the time passes by with our family, and that’s it. We don’t try to find any fun thing to do, whether alone or with the whole family.

John D Eastwood explains boringness as “the aversive experience of wanting, but being unable, to engage in satisfying activity.”

However, Nietzsche described boredom as the “unpleasant calm that precedes creative acts” with a solution. Keep reading this article, and you will find excellent ways to have fun with your whole family at home.

6 Painless Ideas To Entertain The Family During Lockdown

Collective Games and Dynamics
It may sound like an old-fashioned idea, but it’s not. Playing with your loved ones is one of the best everyday activities you can find. Games like Monopoly, Ludo, Pictionary, Jenga, Cranium, and others are a great way to spend time together.

Set a schedule for these games. Reunite all your family in the living room every night after dinner and choose a game. Of course, you don’t have to play the games we mentioned strictly. Find your ideas, and choose a different game per night. For sure you will get lots of fun.

Home Cinema
The second of the fun lockdown activities we want to show you are movies. Probably many of you already watch movies with your family sometimes. Anyhow, make it different this time.

As in the first case, set a schedule for this. Ask each member of the family to choose a movie for the day. Go along with the family ideas, prepare some popcorns, get the best place on the sofa, and enjoy!

As always, be careful with the content of these movies. Make sure that the selected films are age-appropriate for the whole family to watch. Don’t choose violent or scary movies if you have kids at home. Always try to pick movies that all the family can enjoy together. You can also set goals, like watching all the Disney movies in a week. Imagination is your best friend here.

6 Painless Ideas To Entertain The Family During Lockdown

Make A Talent Show
This is one of the best lockdown activities for the family. We all have unique talents and skills that we would like to share. This is the opportunity to display or discover hidden talents in your family. It is a fun and easy activity. It also requires preparation, but it will be completely worth it.

Turn your living room or a backyard into a scenario. In there, every single family member has to show up with a skill or a talent. Take your time and organize your presentation. You can sing, act, dance, play an instrument, make some magic, and even a monologue or a speech.

Prepare a fantastic scenario with beautiful decoration. It is straightforward. With the help of your family, take common materials you have at home. Make a pretty combination of colors, shapes, lights, and others. Besides, prepare a nice costume for your presentation. You can also make it a competition by selecting judges to assess the show.

Make A Treasure Hunt
We all know this game. It is one of the most popular familiar activities, and you can do it during the lockdown without going out of the home. It is fun and doesn’t require too much preparation.

Choose between 5 and 20 articles to hide. These are going to be the treasures. Then, write down a list for every member of the family. Hence, you have to establish a time limit for everyone and start the hunt!

In the end, the winner will be the one who finds more treasures. You can also encourage interest in this game by rewarding the winners with candies, cakes, or any other thing.

To make it funnier, try setting a theme for the game, like pirates or detectives. Also, set a clothing style according to the topic. This way, everyone will enjoy it more while playing.

6 Painless Ideas To Entertain The Family During Lockdown

Prepare virtual tours
Make tourism without going out of your home. This activity helps your kids learn many things about the world, like different cultures, societies, and more. It is fun, safe, and provides learning.

This is one of the simplest lockdown activities for the family. All you have to do is search for virtual tours through the internet. Reunite your family in the living room and start the tour. Possibilities are as vast as your imagination can be, from visiting the Louvre in Paris to visiting Egypt’s pyramids. There are even tours that take you to the moon and mars! Your family will enjoy this activity.

Baking and cooking
A 2012 study by Sandi Mann suggested that “participating in boring activities led to better performance in certain subsequent creative activities.” Don’t worry if your kids, in the beginning, get bored. This way, you will teach your kids how to cook and bake delicious recipes while stimulating their creativity. Besides, you won’t be alone when cleaning the kitchen.

Ask every single member of the family for their favorite recipes. Then, get the ingredients, and start with it! You can prepare cookies, bread, cakes, and many other recipes. Make sure you teach them in a fun way. If not, they could end up getting bored.

After they have mastered some recipes, you can try making a baking competition. The best dishes will receive a reward.

6 Painless Ideas To Entertain The Family During Lockdown

These are some fun lockdown activities. However, you are free to think about other activities based on everyone’s tastes and hobbies.

The whole idea of these games is spending good quality time together with your family. Also, these activities keep you proactive and entertained during the lockdown.

Going out and spending time with friends is very entertaining, but playing games and doing activities with your family can be even better!

Try these options and get rid of boringness and laziness.

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6 Painless Ideas To Entertain The Family During Lockdown


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