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It’s tea-time… or coffee-time

Which do you prefer – tea or coffee?

You may be in the mood for a piping hot mug of tea in your home, under a blanket. Or perhaps it’s a nice cup of hot coffee with a special friend.

An eagerly anticipated cup of your favourite hot beverage after a long and hectic day can seem like paradise.

It may be nice and warm or ice-cold, and paired with a bit of flavor from some fruit or nut makes the perfect recipe to your oasis.

Both tea and coffee can be made with the optional caffeine – you can always opt-out of that blood pressure booster if you find it hard to sleep or it disturbs you throughout the day, but if not, go for it!

However, if caffeine-free tea or coffee is something you desire, they would have to undergo decaffeination to remove the naturally occurring caffeine. Decaffeination takes some of the flavour out of the tea leaves or coffee beans, so it may be ideal to purchase a slightly more expensive, better grade of coffee or tea if you want the caffeine out.

Not everyone likes their beverage plain, so there are ways to spice it up with some flavouring. Check your local grocery store and you’ll find a large variety of tea and coffee flavourings, such as fruit flavourings.

coffee tea

You may prefer your tea or coffee in a certain way at different times of the day. For you, at breakfast, it’s the perfect time for a scented pot of coffee. The exhilarating aroma, paired with the coffee, is enough to wake you up. In the afternoon, it’s tea time, accompanied by a light sandwich.

Sometimes tea and coffee are split by gender, with coffee and tea belonging to the men while the women sip on their cups of flowered porcelain pot of tea. While this is humorous, the reality is that both genders enjoy both beverages – it is simply down to personal preference.

So, whether your tea or coffee is hot or cold, caffeinated or decaffeinated, flavoured or plain, drank in the morning or in the evening by a man or by a woman, we can all agree that tea or coffee time is the best time of the day.

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It’s tea-time… or coffee-time


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