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7 Tips For Planning A Vacation With The Entire Family

Holidays bring more excitement for all of us, including me, the mother of the family, because they provide ways to spend more time with our family and kids.

No one wants the holidays to go to waste, so we want to plan them properly to ensure happiness and a good time.

At the same time, it is easy to organise a vacation when you are a working mother, as it requires more planning.

As a frequent traveler, let me suggest some ideas for when you are planning your next family vacation.

Here are some things to keep in mind to make everyone happy while planning your vacation:

Set your expectations

Managing young children involves several challenges, and you should set their limitations and expectations to make the vacation an enjoyable one. 

Identify versatile destinations

Kids may have different tastes and interests when it comes to a vacation. Therefore, it is advisable to identify versatile destinations that provide more fun and excitement.

Split the bill

While planning a vacation with your family, it is necessary to consider everyone’s budget that can help to accomplish goals.

Make sure that you take charge of all the finances or appoint someone to manage all the spendings. Splitting a bill will also give ways to spend your money on other things on a trip.

Don’t spend too much money on lodging and transportation

A majority of families these days make a mistake by spending more money on transportation and lodging while making a trip.

Therefore, I recommend for them to stay in a modest place and use convenient travel options that don’t cost much.

This will help to enjoy a trip with kids and other family members accordingly.

Avoid stress

I know how stressful it is while planning a trip with my family and kids. By taking time for yourself to relax helps you wind down and avoid stress on holiday.

Prepare an itinerary

Managing time on a trip may become challenging at times. Preparing a useful itinerary in advance covers important places in a destination without any hassles.


This is the most important thing to consider when going on a trip, because overpacking may bring trouble. Only packing the things that are necessary to take along reduces the extra baggage.

Hence, it advisable to pack things that suit your trip, after evaluating the weather and accommodation in a destination to get peace of mind.

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  • Shelley Whittaker

    Excellent tips – thank you for sharing! We have had to cancel all of our trips this year due to Covid-19, but I am very much looking forward to when we can start planning holidays again. The wanderlust is starting to kick in!

    • Sarah Styf

      So many good points. Families need to be able to travel and most people can do it with careful planning. We prefer camping vacations, but a lot of the same principles apply.

  • Jenny

    Yes, pack only what you need. This is always my downfall because I think I need it all. I’m working on this, checklists help. But, I usually sneak stuff in my luggage after I’m done packing.

  • Robyn Jones

    To your already excellent list, I would suggest allowing the children to help plan the itinerary (such as picking a restaurant or an activity or planning a whole day for older kids); that you pack fun things for them to do while en route (like a drawing pad and washable markers, their favorite stuffed animal, travel games, etc.); and that they be given a set amount to spend each day so that they learn how to manage money and will not be asking you for every souvenir they see since they will have their own money.

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