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Why Mum Is Number 1!

Mother’s do an amazing job within the family and so celebrating Mother’s Day should be a special time of the year.

Right now, there are millions of women who are juggling their careers alongside their children and managing the home and this is something that we highly admire!

There are not many things that can compare to a mother’s love, she will give and never ask for anything in return and she will love unconditionally and never judge. The modern woman provides all this as well as having the ability to hold the family together, this shows amazing strength.

Without the precious matriarch, many families would crumble under the pressure, especially in this current climate where everything is so uncertain. Many women are approaching this Mother’s Day in a way that they never have before.

With the likely introduction of a lockdown and the imminent closure of schools, the professional working mum is now having to tackle her daily life in a completely new way.

But never fear – she has this down to a T.

Mother’s all over the country are handling this crisis immaculately and are managing their new, albeit temporary way of life as best as they can and often times are acting as the main support for all her family’s concerns.

If you want to know why mum is number 1, all you need to do is look at how she handles even the most daunting situation with grace, poise, strength and composure.

Top 5 Reasons That Mum Deserves A Happy Mother’s Day

  1. She wakes every morning and no matter how she is feeling; she showers, applies her makeup and dresses for success.
  2. The house is cleaned, the clothes are washed and the children are fed-every single day! And she does this without ever having a break.
  3. She has to provide for her family and so even though the children and the home are a full-time job alone, mum still goes out to work and brings home the bacon so that everyone can have what they need.
  4. Work meetings are one thing but mum fits these in alongside doctor’s appointments, parent’s evenings and extra-curricular activities. She is definitely an organised woman!
  5. At the end of each busy day, she puts her feet up and pours a glass of wine, but she never shuts off completely. She always has her ear poised for that little voice at the top of the stairs.

Mother’s Day should be a time to show all the busy, hard working mums in the world that they are loved and appreciated. It should be a day where she finally gets a few hours respite from the effort she makes every day-not that she minds doing so because she is a confident woman who wants to succeed in every area of her life, and that means not shying away from a little hard work.

Well done to all the mums, not just on Mother’s Day but on every day of the year!

Why Mum Is Number 1!

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