Work & School From Home: Top 7 Unique Ideas For Your Family
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Work & School From Home: Top 7 Unique Ideas For Your Family

In these challenging times of radical quarantine, the only healthy choice we have as individuals is to remain at home together as a family.

For our well-being and that of our loved ones, we must apply a series of family strategies to organize ourselves properly. That includes the correct distribution of the necessary time between our work and our family; otherwise, we will end up with eye bags bigger than Canada.

In this sense, with a daily plan of activities, you can balance your schedule, have time to work, take care of your children, and solve pending issues at home. So planning is critical, and we must learn how to do it correctly.

We must act as imaginative women to achieve a perfect balance at home, as this allows us to have the correct interaction between our work duties and our household chores. For this, various psychologists and experts in ​​family planning recommend a set of tips to help us carry out these activities.

Planning the distribution of time at home
To get a remarkable family coexistence at home, we must assign recreational activities, responsibilities, and various jobs to the children at a specific time. Of course, once this task has been planned and executed, we should finally have the appropriate and necessary time to carry out our workday at home.

Adaptation to home spaces
Finding a suitable space inside of our homes, such as the living room, the corridor, or a room that does not have distracting elements for developing the activities assigned to the kids possible is extremely important. Since once they become familiar and feel comfortable in it, they will perform their respective tasks more efficiently. On the other hand, once the children have established themselves in their assigned spaces, it will be easier for adults to locate themselves and the safety assurance needed to carry out their work as professionals.

“My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.” — Michael Imperioli

Assignment of activities, challenges, and occupations
Keeping children busy in some educational, challenging, and entertaining activity in the already established space allows them to develop their cognitive skills.

It awakens competitive skills amongst themselves to achieve proposed goals in the future. This phase of our family planning is significant because it is here where children begin to generate abstract reasoning that gives them the ability to solve problems and awakens the curiosity of vocation in posterity.

Most thoroughly, the kids need to be told that they are not on a school break; but, instead, in an emergency that does not allow them to go to their classes. They need to devote time to their studies, homework, and other rules given to them by parents or responsible adults. They also need to know that it’s not so bad to be educated at home, since again, once they finish doing their assigned tasks, they will be able to enjoy watching TV, playing, and other recreational activities.

In order to brace them when facing home activities, it is often advised to inform them of the hours in which they may perform a particular task. As parents, this will also help us organize ourselves and make it easy to carry out our office tasks and fulfill them.

Take time off
It’s important to take daily breaks to maintain a balance between working and studying from home. These breaks are essential for all members of the family.

Children and parents must rest regardless of their occupations, as this quarantine has been more prolonged than Grey’s Anatomy. It is always necessary and advisable to create time for our brain to assimilate the relevant knowledge received.

This also allows for family interaction and, in turn, to evaluate the activities carried out by the kids. It needs to be noted that the rest time between each exercise should be approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Family Coexistence
Once the children have completed the activities assigned by the adults, there should be time created in the day for the whole family to enjoy a good movie, a good meal, a board game, or some recreational activity that will foster family values. This also allows the members of the family to coexist in a very friendly way.

Furthermore, this will allow kids to grow up in an excellent mental environment and give them the necessary self-esteem to face various situations in the future.

As parents, we will have the satisfaction of helping our children’s cognitive and personal development; while executing our office work from home.

“Work is work, but family is for life. That’s what really matters to me.” — Akshay Kumar

Take advantage of quiet moments
Professor Ravi Gajendran states that “When you’re working from an office, there’s a natural start and stop time […] it is important to have similar boundaries and routines for your remote work”.

It is advisable to interact with our kids by carrying out some family activity that promotes family values ​​and cognitive development. On the other hand, a good exercise that would help relax and rest the mind to sleep will help the children’s brains work appropriately by assimilating the information learned during the assigned activities.

Finally, it is essential to educate children on cultural subjects, such as sculpture, drawings, paintings, and dances. Besides the other applied topics, as mentioned above, this leads to the kids’ healthy integral development and allows them to develop other brain areas that will favor their intelligence.

“It’s very important to prioritize. I know, for me, my family comes first. That makes every decision very easy.” — Jada Pinkett Smith

Professor Gajendran also says that “Even if you’re a regular remote worker, this is not a normal time.” Hence, it is understandable if you feel like your life is in crisis right now. You need to know that we are all going through it, dealing with our bosses and kids simultaneously, and asking God for mercy.

But you also must trust in yourself, knowing that following these steps can help you organize your family during these difficult times while you work from home.

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Work & School From Home: Top 7 Unique Ideas For Your Family


  • Becca

    Great tips for figuring out how to all live and work together in one house. And I love the note about playing boardgames together. We do that a lot here!

  • Margaret

    I’ve always found it challenging to keep my son busy while I did some work on my blog. Now with my husband working from home, we split duties. He plays with our son as a little break from work. And I work at that time. It helps! Great tips. We’ve tried many approaches like these ourselves.

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