• Having fun and staying healthy with your family
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    Having Fun And Staying Healthy With Your Family

    We know that planning a schedule with fitness activities can be complicated. As adults or young adults, we have to carry out different responsibilities like work, college, home affairs, and other activities to consume our time. However, spending time with our family must be a priority. Since all our closest are always there at home, waiting for us, showing affection,…

  • World Sickle Cell Day
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    World Sickle Cell Day

    Let try this again. When I smile at you, you smile back. Okay? – T.A. (2008 – 2020) Sickle cell disease, is an inherited blood disorder – more precisely, a condition of hemoglobin chain synthesis – that affects almost all organs. The blood smear characterizes it by sickle-shaped red blood cells (erythrocytes). Erythrocytes transport oxygen from the lungs to all…

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    Three Lesser-Known Benefits of Olive Oil

    Everyone knows that olive oil can be used for cooking in a variety of ways. However, many people don’t realize that olive oil has a wide array of other uses. Read on to discover three of the lesser-known benefits of olive oil. Household Cleaning Olive oil is a cheap alternative to the chemical-laden cleaners that are typically used in households…