A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown
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A Delicious Family Diet In 5 Steps During The Lockdown

World Health Organization says that “nutrition consists of getting all the components that our body needs in order to work.” It keeps our systems alive and working. Here is where all the nutrients and proteins we need to stay alive get inside our systems and organs. However, the quarantine situation has restricted access to supermarkets and stores, so we can’t buy our favorite food.

But don’t worry. Here we will teach you five crucial steps to keep your meals variated, delicious, and healthy.

A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown

The importance of a balanced diet
Our body is the most complex organic machine that we know. It has processes and functions that we couldn’t even develop in another machine or device. Food is the fuel of our body. When we eat, we receive all the necessary chemicals to work, study, walk, talk, and all the rest of human processes.

According to Dr. Michael Strauss, “mixing types of ingredients in our daily meals improve the cellular processes in our organisms.” This is why a balanced meal schedule is essential. It provides the body with all the different elements it needs. Proteins, minerals, vitamins, and others that come from all the kinds of food we know about.

The lockdown and the food
The lockdown produced by COVID-19 has deprived us of doing many things. One of these is buying food. Going to the supermarket to get food is not as easy as it used to be. Now we can only go to buy during specific days.

We might think that we are not able to cook a wide variety of food. However, we want to show you the fantastic possibilities that are within your reach. You can establish a balanced diet for all your family without the need to buy so many things. A couple of ingredients in your cupboard will be enough. Besides, you can prepare delicious recipes to please the taste of all your family members!

A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown

Set a plan of recipes and dishes
Planning a family diet during the lockdown is an easy and entertaining process. All you have to do is meet with your family and ask them for their favorite ingredients, dishes, and recipes. Once you have regarded all the information, you can start preparing your plan.

When planning the meals, fit all the tastes of your family members in each dish. You may think it is a complicated process, but it’s not. Besides, watch the nutritional value of the recipes. Avoid preparing dishes with too many fats and cholesterol. Don’t forget vegetables and fruits.

A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown

Write a shopping list.
Since we aren’t allowed to go to the market at any moment, the purchasing process must be quick and accurate. So, first of all, prepare the list of things you will need for your recipes.

Ask all your family members what food they like to eat. However, don’t please them too much. Kids will always ask for candies and sweets. Prepare your list among the right balance regarding your diet plan, recipes, and your family’s tastes. Once you are at the store, make sure you are getting the best products.

Also, take care of your budget. A study from the University of Costa Rica says that “The family budget should be analyzed. Even if you have a guaranteed income in your home, it is time to save”. So, don’t exceed the shopping budget. Find the best prices and save your money as much as possible.

Include everyone in the cooking
This is a handy factor to create meal habits in the family. If you have kids and teens between 5 and 17 years old, get them to cook with you. Teach them about ingredients and mixtures. This way, they can even come up with beautiful ideas to innovate the taste of a dish. However, take extra care with the knives as nobody should get hurt. If they aren’t old enough to cut the vegetables, do it yourself.

Everyone must eat everything.

We said before that your meal planning must include recipes, dishes, and ingredients that suit the tastes of your family. However, it doesn’t imply that you are going to please them in everything.

It is very common to find kids that don’t like eating vegetables. However, they should eat it. Let them know that vegetables can be delicious. Prepare your favorite vegetables by mixing them with other tasty ingredients. Also, don’t reward them for eating all of their food. Explain to them that it is something mandatory, but don’t be mean. They have to learn that food is more than eating delicious things.

A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown

Eating together at the table.
This point is one of the essential elements. There are many families where kids and teens eat in their bedrooms, or everyone eats in the living room watching TV. It’s a bad habit, it’s wrong, and it should be fixed.

This has a great significance in the family, especially for kids. Children and teenagers always repeat everything that parents do, as this is the example they receive. A suitable meal plan for the family must include eating together at the table. This way, you establish and teach proper habits for everyone in the family.

A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown

Usually, eating together at the table must include lunch hours. A study made by psychiatrist Claudia Rodriguez says that “the effects of suitable lunchtimes start with our minds and our habits. The whole-body responds according to mental stimulations”. A familiar meal plan is not complete if you don’t establish lunch schedules. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner must have specific hours, followed by everyone in the family. It also assists with procedures and plans for the body.

These pieces of advice will help you with the alimentation of the family. Apply them in your home, and you will find significant differences and/or improvements. For example, children’s and adults’ health will be improved; communication and family time will work better; and bonds among you and your kids, wife, or husband will be stronger.

A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown

To be consistent, this could be a long process to get used to as everything works around constancy. Motivate your family with delicious dishes and recipes. Prepare different plates and mix the ingredients.

Put your imagination to work, and you will achieve outstanding results.

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A delicious family diet in 5 steps during the lockdown

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