Remarkable Streams Of Abundance
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Remarkable Streams Of Abundance

It is the joy of Our Heavenly Father to make us streams of abundance from whom others can continually get supplies.

The story of the widow of Zarephath represents God’s power to bring about abundant provision.

Zarephath’s widow demonstrated virtues of selflessness and generosity, which in turn yielded to abundance for her and her household – 1 Kings 17 v 8 -16.

So I am sure you are asking these questions, how does this story relate to us as women in this age and generation?

Fasten your seatbelts, and let’s dive in!

Soul lifting lessons from the story of the Widow of Zarephath
The story hinges on five different pillars, and we would study her disposition and how this woman navigated through all of these pillars.

The five pillars include:

  • The need
  • The remnants
  • The service
  • The blessing and
  • The abundance

The Need.
Have you ever needed anything? Or have you ever observed other people needing something?

At one point or the other, there would be needs around us. We can either embrace this truth or ignore it.

The widow of Zarephath identified with the requirement of Prophet Elijah. I Kings 17 v 8-10.

God instructed Elijah to go live in Zarephath. On getting there, he saw the Widow gathering sticks, and he requested for water. She immediately responded to get him water, and while she was at it, he also asked for bread.

Do you know that God was the one who precisely positioned the widow to meet Elijah’s needs (I Kings 17 v 8), and she gracefully allowed herself to be used by God to bless another person like her?

Sometimes, multiple needs have to be addressed around us. Instead, we look away. A lot of time, God puts us in certain positions to help other people. Irrespective of whatsoever field of life you may be, there is a demand of God on every one of his children’s lives to meet other people’s needs.

The Remnants.
This woman had some flour and oil left, which she planned to share with her son and then end everything.

Have you ever hit rock bottom and got exhausted with life?

I mean, you had only one more proposal or shot at something; and you decided that if it doesn’t work, then that is the end.

I guess that is the moment when you say, if this business doesn’t work out, I will close the shop completely.

Yes, this was similar to what the Widow of Zarephath was going through. One more meal, just one more meal.

In this current climate, here is my question to you? What do you have in your hands? What is that remainder you have in your care? What gift, talents, decisions, goals, financial, and material resources do you have left in your hands?

I am glad to tell you that remnant is what God would use to meet the people’s needs around you and make you a blessing to your world.

If you do not overlook it, the seemingly small thing in your hand could be the seed for the abundance that God would launch in your direction.

Just like the Widow of Zarephath, the remainder was what God used to meet the need of Elijah and open her up to endless abundance.

The Service
This widow did something remarkable with the remaining oil and flour she had with her. She used it to serve another person ( Elijah) and invariably honored God.

Have you ever felt like keeping the little in your hands to make it sufficient for you and your family?

It probably means that you are too afraid to share or give out to others for fear of losing anything out of the little you have.

Imagine you have a small amount of money with you, and you see another person in need. However, you are too scared to assist that person out of what you have because you have too little to spare.

The Widow of Zarephath was in similar shoes. However, there was something she did that broke the limitation of lack in her life. Do you know what she did? She gave out of the little she had left in service to others, invariably honoring God.

The Bible says that we should give, and it would come back, pressed down, shaken together shall men give to your his bosom. Luke 6 v 38

So, give out of the little you have to serve others, meet a need, and help someone in honor of God and what God launches you into abundance.

The Blessing
When the Widow of Zarephath gave out of what she had to Elijah, the Lord blessed her.

The blessing came because she did not consider her insufficiency but instead acknowledged God as the uttermost provider.

It is important to note that although she gave to a Prophet, she was honoring God.

Jesus said in Mathew 25 v 40 that as long as you do this to your fellow human, you do it to me. And definitely, God would indeed release his blessings upon such giver.

Hence, I would advise you to look around you and see others’ needs—help who you can and see how God will bless you in return.

The Abundance
In 1 Kings 17 v 15 – 16, the scripture revealed abundance in the Widow of Zarephath’s house. What she assumed was never going to be enough became more than enough. The Bible says they had enough to eat for many days.

I believe that she had more than enough to feed herself, her family as well as Elijah. Due to her selflessness and sacrifice, God blessed her and increased her. She became a continuous source of blessing to others.

Finally, this story teaches that when we open ourselves to be used by God to meet others’ needs, despite our insufficiencies and inefficiencies, God steps in.

He increases our capacities and enlarges us to be sources of supplies to others continually. We become streams of blessings that never runs dry because God remains our everlasting source.

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Remarkable Streams Of Abundance

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