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5 Secrets To Thriving As A Working Mum

“Motherhood is finally understanding why mother bear’s porridge went cold.”

A lot of mums work.

While this trend has become more common, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy task, as mum’s guilt is very real. Any working mum who tells you that she isn’t struggling to balance between motherhood and work is lying.

Working mums have it tough by being fully committed to work and, at the same time, being there for her family. Leaving your home early in the morning to go to work, and coming back late in the evening, doesn’t make you a bad mum.

This shows the extent of your love for your family, and they will understand your sacrifice.

For you to balance between work and family and be happy, here are five secrets to thriving as a working mum:

Let go of the mum’s guilt.

In reality, there is a common culture that fathers are expected to go to work and provide for the family, while mothers stay at home and take care of their kids.

For many working mums, they are judged for abandoning their kids when returning to work full time. But the fact is many women in the current generation can’t stand to become stay at home mums.

Others don’t want to give up their career.

It is important to know that deciding to be a working mum is a decision that needs to be admired but not to be judged. If you feel guilty for not being with your kids all the time, it’s time to let that go.

Be confident that you are making the best choice for your family, and they will feel the extent of your love as well as understand your sacrifice.

Be honest with your boss.

When it comes to parenting and the workplace, there is a big difference between men and women.

Fathers rarely feel guilty for missing his kid’s school play, but if the mother misses any school event, the child will feel her absence in the audience.

When you are a working mum, don’t try to act otherwise, let your boss understand that your kids are your priority, and that will make life easier. Let your boss understand that you’re attending a school party for your kid, or you are taking your kid for a checkup, so you’ll be late.

Get the best childcare providers.

When you are at work, knowing that your child is cared for is crucial.

Find a daycare or someone you can trust with your child.

A decent daycare should have flexible hours, a low teacher to child ratio, and a nice, clean, spacious environment – plenty of space for children to run around.

It should also be a welcoming one that the child can thrive and be happy in.

Also, let me advise you on this: when it comes to a nanny, look for one who has intensive experience and a great reference – someone you can trust.

Learn time management skills.

Time is a precious commodity when you are a working mum.

At work, check if the time you are spending socializing with your workmates is affecting your productivity. Limit surfing the internet and long lunch breaks to get most of your work time.

When at home, spend your time with your partner and your kids, rather than watching TV and browsing on your phone, to ensure the time spent together is intentional and meaningful.

Have time for yourself.

To balance between home life and a hectic work environment, whilst maintaining your inner peace, find your own time. Don’t put your needs last in order. Find the time that will allow you to relax and recharge your batteries, for example, go for a walk, have a go at reading a book, treat yourself to a spa day.

If you keenly practice the above ideas, you will be able to balance between motherhood and work and keep yourself happy at the same time.


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