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5 Reasons To Get Professional Carpet Cleaning

So you finally bought that plush, soft and stylish carpet you admired for so long.

Looking at the way it freshened the look of your sitting room, you have a deep sense of satisfaction about your purchase.

It is all it was advertised to be; deep, luxurious, smooth and durable.

That’s the whole nine yards, but let’s fast-forward six months ahead and take a peek beneath the beauty of the carpet.

Why six months?

Professional carpet cleaners recommend a decent vacuuming of high-traffic regions of a carpet once every week while a full professional cleaning should be done once in six months.

This becomes even more important if you have kids and/or pets.

Let’s back up a little bit and not get too far ahead of ourselves; is there any other reason why you even need to get a professional cleaning for your beautiful carpet?

One reason might suffice, but I’ll go one better and give you five;

Stops Allergens and bacteria dead in their tracks

Do you know that allergies rank as one of the top chronic diseases in Europe?

The number of people suffering from allergies according to Allergy UK is more than 150 million Europeans.

What are the most common sources of summer allergy? Molds, dust mites, and insect bites.

so, guess where you find all these three at the same time.

That’s right, carpets!

Professional cleaning attacks these culprits and arrests their activities thus protecting you, your kids and pets.

Protects indoor air quality

The British Lung Foundation rates indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks.

Mold and mildew are two carpet conditions capable of worsening respiratory conditions like asthma and even stimulate the production of mycotoxins.

Reduces asthma and allergy

As earlier mentioned, asthma and allergy are a risk waiting to happen when you neglect to have your carpet cleaned professionally.

This is because of the potential buildup of dangerous agents such as fungus, mildew, and mold among others.

Extends the lifespan of the carpet

The lifespan for a low-end carpet is about 3 years at the least and higher-end carpets tend to last far longer, but with a caveat; you must ensure that proper cleaning is done regularly.

It is also estimated that a carpet that lacks proper care will have its lifespan slashed in half at least.

Why go the length of saving up to buy that beautiful, expensive carpet then enjoying its plush and warm feel for half its planned life?

It seems unfair to you… and the carpet!

Makes the carpet look and feel clean

The reason you bought the carpet was its beauty and value.

Professional cleaning ensures that it retains all of that as much as possible even with the passage of time.

It removes particles and stains that may have formed and refreshed the carpet material.

In summary, professional carpet cleaning protects your health and your investment in the carpet while keeping your home looking as beautiful as it did when you first laid the rug.

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5 Reasons To Get Professional Carpet Cleaning


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