7 Simple Ways A Working Mother Can Inspire Her Children And Family
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7 Simple Ways A Working Mother Can Inspire Her Children And Family

Being a working mother can sometimes be seen as a difficult job because we have to take care of almost everything.

I spend most of my time in the office for long hours and looking after a family often involves several challenges.

But as a working mother, I realised that I can inspire my children.

If you are a working mother then, you may ask me “How is this possible?” I recently studied an article in a popular magazine about how your children will benefit from you, and here are some things I found out:

7 Simple Ways A Working Mother Can Inspire Her Children And Family

Work Ethics
My children usually observe how hard I work both at home and in the office. As a result, they will learn from an early age that success requires hard work and responsibilities, and if you want to succeed in something, you have to strive hard towards it. Sometimes, they ask me about my office environment and I reply to them with a smile. Your child can learn from your work ethic in detail when you are a working mother and you display a good, positive, and hard-working characteristic well.

Organisational Skills
Your children can learn more about organisational skills from you, enabling them to effectively complete work in the classroom with zeal, as well as partaking in various extra-curricular activities to boost their confidence in areas other than just academics. Also, your children will develop leadership skills and will learn how to guide their peers to carry out important commitments on time, especially in a group project.

7 Simple Ways A Working Mother Can Inspire Her Children And Family

Teamwork is necessary when it comes to career. Being a working mother, I always support others in my team at work, which will help greatly to evaluate the success and losses effectively. My children know that they are a part of the family team and they are learning about how to adapt and support others from me.

We have several commitments in our life and we strive hard to achieve our goals. Our children can also learn more about adaptability from an early age that can help fit into an environment in school or other places.

7 Simple Ways A Working Mother Can Inspire Her Children And Family

Time Management
Time management is necessary for everyone in the family, including me. When we have a lot of important activities to carry out in time, a good skill to develop is prioritising these activities and completing them accordingly so. My children will know more about the practice from me which enables them to focus more on their objectives and what’s important.

We all have our ups and downs quite frequently when we work in the office. My children often ask me, “How did you spend your day at work?” and I share my experience with them. If you are a working mother, it is important to communicate to your children your day in the office as well as your children communicating with you their day at school. This helps to build empathy, and by doing so, your children can understand your feelings.

7 Simple Ways A Working Mother Can Inspire Her Children And Family

Healthy Relationships
Being a working mom, I often focus more on maintaining healthy relationships with others which helps a lot to get support from my children. This includes having conversations with your children, showing interest in their activities, and encouraging their dreams. This helps to build trust in one another, so they can learn to develop more skills from you and trust that they are good skills to learn too.

7 Simple Ways A Working Mother Can Inspire Her Children And Family


  • Nkem

    Yeah, this was a great post. Children learn quite a lot by example from what they see and hear and don’t see or hear at home.

  • Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama

    I try to set a good example for my kids since I work from home and homeschool which means they get a firsthand look at what I do. I think it’s also important to show a passion for your work if you’re doing something you truly love.

  • Sankhamala

    I think effective time management is the most important thing children learn from their working moms. Work ethics is also important lesson you can teach.

  • Charlotte Petit Noble

    Thank you for the reminder. I am working from home, and it’s always difficult to balance it out and make sure that my baby does not see me too often on my phone.

  • Amy Gougler

    This is a great post. I work part time from home and I always hope that I’m setting a good example of dedication, hard work and time management for my kiddos!

  • The Cheetah Buzz

    This list is so true! I love the work ethic of my mom. She inspires me to work hard so that I can take care of my own family one day. Moms are definitely multitasking superhero that can do anything! Thanks for sharing – Josie xxx

  • hari

    what a wonderful post!
    working mothers are an inspiration for kids.
    they see and learn from there moms so much!
    thanks for sharing an amazing article!

  • Lydia

    This was very encouraging. So often we think of working and caring for our kids as opposite and sometimes conflicting. But this shows all the ways I can have a positive outlook on how it is shaping my kids. And your suggestions help me be more intentional about bringing out those positives. Thanks!

  • Jennifer+Van+Haitsma

    I love this! I think kids can learn so much by watching their mothers figure it all out and be successful. Thanks for sharing this.

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