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How To Level Up



Ok, Cici!

We’ve been praying, we’ve been sowing, we’ve been fasting; but what bible verses should we be reading?

Is it the book of Deuteronomy or the Psalms.

Or should we just skip the Old Testaments completely and start from the New Testaments.

Or better still, can we just have the exact prayers word for word; because we need to level-up as well.


G . I . N . A

Every new day is a chance to live a better life than yesterday.

Getting past plateaus of life is not always about huge life changes such as a high salaried job, or a change of personal status.

Many people around the world enjoy all this kind of aspect but always aim to level up or improve their personality.

Deep down our personality, we know our weakness and the areas we need to improve.

The first step of improving is being honest to yourself and trust your capability.

Time is a limited resource and it should not be wasted living other people’s life.

You have the capacity and ability to leave a lasting impact and an indelible impression.

Any individual who aims to level up in life should be willing to try because nothing will work unless you do it.

Failure is proof that you are trying and eventually you will win.

Self- confidence, and motivation give a reason and strength to complete a task regardless of the challenges

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