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5 Smart Home Gadgets that Will Change Your Life

Technology has advanced over the past decade.

Every day, many new gadgets are introduced in the market to help improve people’s lifestyles.

When done right, smart home technology will make your life easier, not harder.

They have helped us manage our household quicker than ever before.

Below, find a compiled list of 5 smart home gadgets that will improve your life.

Robot vacuum cleaners

People with pets in the house can tell you that using a vacuum cleaner to clean up the messes can be time-consuming.

However, with the invention of robotic vacuum cleaners, you can do other important things as it sucks away dust, pet hair, and anything else it comes across.

Also, the device has been programmed to even empty its dust bin.

Another important feature is that you can set it to do the cleaning even when you are far from home thanks to its intelligent time scheduling ability.

This smart gadget will undoubtedly make your cleaning woes a thing of the past.


Second on our list is the bediator, a simple home gadget that uses its technology to help keep you warm during the biting cold season.

You only need to switch it on and put it under your bed. This gadget is unlike other ordinary radiators as it is built to be energy efficient, helping you save on your power bills.

It has an LED screen that displays the room temperature.


IQ alarm clock

This is an interesting gadget for people who snooze the alarm every time it rings.

The IQ alarm clock is smartly built to outsmart you and “forces” you to wake up. The alarm runs and hides in the room as it rings, and you will have to run across the room to turn it off.

That’s a smart way to wake you up those lazy Monday mornings, isn’t it?

Smart faucet

The smart faucet is an environmentally friendly gadget innovatively designed to help conserve water in the house as well as energy.

Since you don’t have to touch the faucet nerves, it means that it is hygienic and free of contamination.

Environmental conservation has never been this inexpensive.

Ultrasonic wine ager

A little wine is good for digestion, doctors suggest.

Have you ever wanted to age your wine right from the comfort of your living room?

That is now a reality thanks to Sonic Decanter’s invention of this device which uses magnetic cooling technology to cause materials to heat up when magnetized and cool when out of the magnetic field. The device will also cut energy consumption by up to 40%!

So, don’t let a smartphone be the only smart gadget you have in your home; as there are many other devices to turn your home into a smart one!

With these simple but miraculous home gadgets, your quality of life will be better as they may enable you to do home activities more easily than ever before.

Always remember that technology should only help to make your life easier and never more complicated.

5 Smart Home Gadgets that Will Change Your Life

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  • Kimberlie

    I have only ever heard of the robot vacuum. The mediator is something I need to look into because I am always cold. I’d love to see the IQ alarm clock at work.

  • Rachelle

    I love the layout of your blog first of all!!   So, my robot vacuum clearer is NOT my favorite gadget. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get the top of the line, but I hate it. lol I do need the alarm clock, but haven’t been set on buying one yet! But, I love the concept. I’m afraid my dogs would chase it and destroy it. 🤣

  • Sherry M Lee

    I had never heard of a bediator, but I’m suddenly convinced that I need one! The IQ alarm clock sounds hilarious. I often purposely put my alarm away from my bed and have it cranked as loud as it can go just to force me out of bed quickly. 😀

  • Danielle

    I can only imagine my dog chasing after that alarm clock every morning! The ruckus would certainly get me up though. We use a clock that slowly introduces light into the room so that the waking process is about 15 minutes rather than an alarm going off. It’s supposed to help with the body’s internal clock, but I have a toddler and I am awake by 6:30a at the latest every day and I have no idea whether it’s because of my internal clock.

    Danielle from Whether the Storm Blog

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